With so much information available about fitness and weight, more and more people are making the decision to make themselves healthy. However, the decision is the easy part, staying motivated to lose weight and become healthy is another story altogether. Once you have found that motivation to lose weight, you have concurred the hardest battle of them all.

Having the motivation to lose weight makes the next steps about beginning the process of losing weight that much easier. If you are the type of person who has tried and failed in the weight loss and diet roller coaster you are by no means alone, the following are a few easy steps to show you how to find that motivation to lose weight and keep you going.

1) Write down any reason you can find that you need/want to lose the weight Everybody has their own individual reasons for wanting to lose the weight, we hope that good health and an overall nice appearance will be the primary one. Ask yourself; ‘Is my weight affecting my health?’ ‘Do I want to be here for my family and friends?’ ‘Is there a new or even old swimsuit or specific dress that I want to fit into?’ Now prioritize this list from most important to the ones you just want.

2) Look carefully and critically at the other diets and weight loss programs you went through and decide why they failed. Was there something in the diet itself that you were unable to do? Was there an emotional reason why this was difficult? Once you have pinpointed the reason(s) for previous failures, now it’s time to find a way to push those obstacles out of your way so that you can gain the right motivation to lose the weight.

3) Discuss your goals with friends, family and even a doctor to determine if this is achievable for you. This will help you make your goals more realistic to your lifestyle and abilities, it can also help make you more stronger. Don’t try and do this alone, make sure you have family, friends and even medical support to help you achieve your new reachable goals. Knowing that others are working with you and are in your corner will help you think more consciously about what you are eating and not eating.

4) When you see you are making progress, reward yourself. If, for example, your goal is to lose a large amount of weight, you can break it down to smaller increments and reward yourself for every 10-15 pounds you achieve. This reward should not be food but something else that will make you feel good – like a new size dress or pants. It would also be nice if you take one of your support group with you so that they can revel in your achievements as well. Their excitement in each of your smaller achievements will help keep you motivated to lose the weight and also help you share in the triumphs.

5) Talk to the people around you that you know have been successful in their weight loss. Knowing how others were able to achieve their goals will be a great motivator for you to keep at it.

6) There is no reason to surround yourself with nay sayers, the circle of people you need now are only those who will be supportive. This is a hard goal for most people but it can be reached easier the more support you have.

7) Another way to give you motivation to lose weight is to buy yourself smaller sized outfits as you go along, seeing a better you can be inspirational on a daily basis. Get rid of the baggy clothes as soon as you can. The better you look the more motivation that you will have to lose the weight.

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